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Issues » Loss of Direction

Loss of Direction
A problem that is being found with our generation seems to be that the majority of us feel lost, confused and are without a sense of purpose. We have no direction in our lives and seem to be floating about aimlessly. Going from relationship to relationship, job to job, day to day, seeking happiness in material possessions.

What kind of satisfaction can you get from your current situation?

How can you expect to be happy if you’re stressed or depressed?

If you or a family member or friend are unhappy with life, could it be because you don’t have a direction or sense of purpose in life? Because you wake up in the morning with no goal to work towards, hoping that it will just knock on your front door?

You may very well have many dreams and wishes, but without knowing what you want, you’re not going to be able to work towards it. If you would like to explore what your dreams, wishes or desires are, so you can then work toward them, we can always talk to a support service like counselling to see where your life might may go in the future. 

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