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Great to have the space to talk things through in a non judgemental environment, all my relationships improved after looking into my past. Thank you so much,  it has given me a life line with family and friends.

Anon, Cabinteely, Dublin

I really learned so much about myself while being in therapy. I didn’t realise how important my emotional and mental health were and how much they impact my day to day life. I’m much happier in my own skin and even learned some new skills to help deal with my issues.

Anon, Tyrellstown, North Dublin

I found going to counselling challenging, I was often struggled to go. It has made a huge difference in my recovery and I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't continued to go. The encouragement, support and gradual self confidence I got over time has made a world of difference.  So much so that I have registered for college in september, which I would never have considered before now. 

J, Rathfarnham

It was just such a relief to talk to someone who didn't want to through their too pence worth in. Who listened regardless of how stupid or petty it was and finding a solution that suited me.

P, Blanchardstown, Dublin

It was great knowing that everything was confidential. Ciara was friendly pleasant and professional throughout.

Anon, Cabra

...lost my jobs a few months ago, since finishing I have found it hard to motivate myself, I know I need to look for other jobs but findinging it harder and harder to get up and out, I have to much time on my hands, that application or CV can always be sent later or tomorrow.  The longer it is going on the worse my motivation was getting. 

After coming from a well paid job to having only social welfare coming in was very hard.  It was financially difficult but it was also difficult that I wasn't able to provide for my family, they had got used to having their holidays, swimming lessons, football, tennis, with the latest boots, rackets etc, when my income went we were barely getting food on the table and the extra's couldn't be got.  I found it difficult not being able to provide. Not being able to give them what they needed. This was like a black cloud over me, adding to the poor motivation, I was at a loss.

Going to counselling was difficult, but gave me a bit of hope that there may be a way out, it was getting me out of the house and as I started to do things again my confidence grew and I am back working part time and actively looking for full time work. 

Thanks again

Male, Kilternan

When I lost a family member, I was very angry, upset I was in turmoil.  Other family members had their own battles and couldn't help me, it was great to have someone else independant, that would listen without throwing their tuppance worth at me. That would just listen and wasn't judging me!

Female, Ashbourne

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